Stellar Series

A 21.5″ modular kiosk built for various self-service applications which can be integrated with diverse peripherals to enhance customer engagement


Stylish and Intelligent Design

With its sleek, intelligent and attractive design, the Stellar Series not only attracts customers’ attention, but also delivers uncompromised performance.


Flexible Confgurations

Offering choices of foor-standing or counter-top, the Stellar Series is suitable for any self-service application and gives your business a competitive advantage.


Built for Easy Serviceability

Engineered for single-user assembly and ease of maintenance, cable management and component replacement, the Stellar Series reduces costs of deployment and service, allowing for a more rapid return investment.


Adaptable and Customizable

Equipped with a wide array of choices of peripherals including NFC/RFID reader, 2D scanner, and a bracket for EMV payment devices, the Stellar Series is able to fulfll with self-service tasks.